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Lance Daoust

  • Marketing
MTM's Marketing Guy

Original MTM Crew Member.
Web Development Project Manager @ Knight & Owl Design

Web Development Project Manager @ Knight & Owl Design

Since 1997, I have helped businesses create or improve their marketing and branding. This includes design work as well as leading online and print projects. I also have 4 years of professional experience managing energy conservation portfolios for retail and industrial businesses.


I listen and observe first, then respond clearly and simply so that I can ensure we’re all on the same page, headed in the same direction. I translate technical terminology into plain English.


I take the time to gather a project’s requirements and ask revealing questions, “What is it that you need?” Or, “What is it you wish to achieve?” I then dig into the answers so that I can uncover the deeper details that will inform and guide the project. Often, this process reveals things that weren’t previously considered. This helps the project take the shape and meet its goals.


Post-inquiry, I compile the project details into a useable, functional format, such as a wireframe, where I can clearly see the project’s size and scope.


When facing challenging new situations or roadblocks I define the program(s) and then re-frame them; I employ creative thinking and persist until I have completed the initial task.


As the project progresses, I ensure that we are reaching the stated goals and achieving the requirements. I learn and adapt for future iterations.


I’m well-versed in many technical areas and able to use that experience to overcome or foresee coming obstacles, or to propose new ideas.

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